• Title: Puzzles, 2009
  • Description: Watercolor, 60 x 40 cm
  • Communication in space. Labyrinths, puzzles, games of chess -- they reflect the individual realities that our moods create for us. This mysterious world of labyrinths attracts us, fascinates us, scares us at times... A labyrinth is a reflection of the human universe, where the traveler is on his way to perfection, to the Center. He searches for himself, for his paths, and gets to a dead end. He goes back and starts again. Two people moving along the labyrinth can hear each other, but may never meet each other, unable to touch. Going through a labyrinth is not unlike searching for one's destiny, living one's life, finding a way to one's goal. Puzzles are a search for harmony and perfection in one's inner world. This is a mood, a delicate combination of emotions, momentary splashes of joy, sadness, contemplation, alienation, delight. Every minute of life is filled with the specs of these feelings, and their combination is the spiritual tune of a person, his inner song.